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Сегодня получил письмо от создателя советника P. A lot of enquiries have been received about the service including possible options to exchange the PID license with the EA used in the Managed Account service.

советник форекс money train скачать

I have discussed this with my Managed Account fund manager, and he has agreed to provide a license exchange and migration option for current PID license holders to the Managed Account service. In a nutshell, my fund manager and I have agreed to provide free Managed Account services to all existing PID clients, in exchange for your licenses, up to the Free Incentive Profit amount, as calculated below: No charges or fees will be levied upon советник форекс money train скачать client until the profit gained through the Managed Account services has reached the FIP amount.

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The FIP is calculated as follows: We may also ask you to provide your live login and investor password for us to verify the claim. After this period, the normal Managed Account fee will be applicable if you wish to continue with советник форекс money train скачать service.

If you wish to migrate to the Managed Account service, your PID license will be terminated in the exchange.

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A demo трейдинг account, which started on Juneis советник форекс money train скачать available for viewing on request. Although this live account советник форекс money train скачать only four months old, it is gone through one of the most intense period of turbulent market in years, whist still surviving without creating any damage to the account.

The live account is traded with an aggressive risk setting, which tripled the profits as well as the floating drawdowns.

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Даже и не знаю что сказать. В момент когда у этого советника дела шли хорошо, статистика выведенная на сайте постоянно обновлялась. После звонкого провала статистика куда-то испарилась и теперь нам рассылают сказки про управляемые счета и про красивые цифры в конце каждого месяца.

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Нет, ну конечно никто не спорит, возможно всё так оно и есть, но как показывает интенсивный тест как 4. Кто-нибудь хочет открыть такой счёт?

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